Airlines and Airports II

Let’s continue with this topic. Today I ‘m going to talk about the two faces of the same coin. Swiss and Lufthansa.

Swiss / Genève-Cointrin Airport/ Zurich International Airport

We could say that Swiss does not do a damn thing for families but fathers or mothers flying alone with a families like mine, can fly. That is, 1adult and 3 kids below 5 years old.

Swiss give you the option of checking – in the day before departure. The procedure is the following:vispera en

You can find the time windows for Geneva’s and Zurich airport here:

This company has also a very good web page with advices about how to fly with kids. Here’s a link to it: Travelling with kids in Swiss

Geneva’s airport is quite little, but it has a viewpoint to see planes taking off and a little game area for kids (very little).

In Zurich there are also game areas for kids in Transit A and Harbour E.

Lufthansa / Frankfurt and Munich airport

Lufthansa, as Swiss do not put limits to how many kids under 5 years old can fly with their mum or dad and as Swiss its’ web page on travelling with kids is very good: Travelling with kids in Lufthansa

There you can find a link to Family online check-in. It’s nothing. It tells you to go to the self check-in machines at the airport or to do your check -in on line.

And, you know what? Frankfurt and Munich airport’s have check-in counters for families! You may find them in Hall B counters 336–338 (Frankfurt) and in the departure hall counters 450 – 451 (Munich).

On Frankfurt’s airport there are also free strollers you may use.

Have you ever been to these airports? What was your experience?

The stroller made for traveling:POCKIT

h0260005_d340e01pick_150929062044_Other_01_1200What do you think about this stroller? I suppose  you have seen the different videos about the stroller on Facebook or in Youtube, but I’m truly impressed by it.

Imagen that chair in a plane!!! We are done with folding the stroller in the planes’ door so they can put it in the hold. You can put it in the compartment on top of your seat with the rest of the hand luggage.

The Pockit stroller has just landed in Europe from Asia where Goodbaby International it’s producing it. Even though it’s not easy to find in stores yet you can find it in the internet.

In Amazon you can find it for 239€ transport expenses included.

It’s very light and the most little stroller of the market when folded. It even appears in the Guinness Book of Records for this matter…

The Pockit stroller, when it’s folded, measures 30 x 18 x 35 cm (opened: 75 × 44,5 × 99 cm) and it’s weight is of 4,6 kg. It can hold up to 15kg and it’s ideal for kids of 6 month onwards.

But as nothing is perfect, let’s criticise the invention!

The seat seems quite confortable (but that for the kids to say) as it’s padded, the security belts are padded too.

Materials don’t seem hard enough for long walks and the parasol is quite little for walks under the sun, so you maybe be needing an extra parasol.

Additionally, I would dare say that for a second pushchair or a pushchair exclusively for traveling is very expensive, nonetheless, you can put it away anywhere and you wouldn’t have backaches when you try put it in the car…

As a conclusion, I would wait till more competition enter the market as for the price to lower a little, but if you can afford it…BUY IT it’s a truly amazing invention for airports / airplanes and trains / train stations.

Did you try it? What were your experiences with the Pockit stroller?

The perfect trip

It’s really difficult to get to say that your trip has been perfect, moreover, when you are traveling with kids, but it happened. It was actually perfect!!Diapositiva1

To have a perfect trip many things have to meet, for example, that kids and husband are in the right mood (I’m not really talking about my mood as I’m organising the trip and so, we can suppose is the perfect mood), that the apartment is nice, not only clean but not far from the center, or that kids don’t get ill.
In this particular trip we decided to pay tribute to ourselves. WE TOOK THE NANNY WITH US.Diapositiva1

The trip was Geneva – Verona by car.

It is true that Verona is not quite a destination for kids, but I was so sick of going to fun parks or aquatic parks or parks of any kind… The most important thing is to sell them the idea of adventure, give them a map and it’s done!


We took off from Geneva at 9.00 am (well, it’s imposible to leave on time, but more or less…) and we did between 500 and 600 km. If you want to know what did I take for the journey you can look at my post My traveling essentials and take out the snack and put in some lunch.

From at point on, what it really made this trip a successful one was the way we organised ourselves and as I said we took the nanny with us, that was of great importance.

We rented an apartment at, about, 15 minutes walk from the center of Verona (at the end of the post I leave you some links to rental apartments’ web pages. We usually use Airbnb).

How we organised ourselves:

  1. In the morning we took a walk with the children and the nanny, we saw some monuments or even we took the sightseeing bus. We took lunch, pizza or Diapositiva1pasta, and we went to the apartment so that the kids could take a nap.
  2. My husband and I continued the walk while the kids stayed at home with the nan
    ny. We had some time for us.
  3. We returned and took the kids for another walk or took them to the park or we bought them a “gelato”
  4. We went back to the apartment so we could have something for lunch all together and saw a film with the kids. Afterwards…to bed!
  5. My husband and I went to taste local wines. Time for ourselves.

I know exactly what you are thinking: “Wow, how incredibly posh she is… traveling with the nanny!”. This was the first time we did it, and believe me, it’s the best money ever spent and we did it because we went by car.Diapositiva1

LINKS: Airbnb Homelidays Rentalia Niumba Wimdu

What should I take?


Image from Freepik

In the previous post I’d introduced you to my backpack. Today, I will tell you exactly what’s inside.

Let me remind you that I travel with 3 kids quite young and very active. In fact, I haven’t get them to have a nap in short distance trips, though I tried VERY hard!

To know what to put in the backpack you need to consider how long would the trip be and if it will be a night trip or a day trip.

In a night trip, luckily, they will sleep through out the trip. But day trips… those are the dangerous ones.

Before the economic crisis air companies gave out a little to for the kids to play with during the flight, a coloring book, a puzzle or a magic blackboard. But nowadays, that’s science fiction. It’s parents issue to entertain their kids.

So, what do I put in the backpack? Let’s start with the basics:

  1. Pasports o National Identity Card and a permision letter for traveling with kids (if the mather or father travel alone with the kids)
  2. Bording pass
  3. Cell phone
  4. Euros o foreign currency (more than once they wouldn’t take euros…)IMG_1243
  5. Little bag with 2 or 3 nappies, wipes and a little diaper rash cream (no more than 100ml, if bigger airport security will take it away)
  6. Plastic bag for dirty clothes
  7. Change of clothes (slip and trousers for the boys and a body and a pair of panties for the baby girl)

The extras:

In short trip I would not take an awful lot of things. What I take is the following:

  1. A book. The “Where’s Wally” type
  2. A little notebook and some colour pencils.
  3. A snack: A jus and raisins or a bag of nuts (you can always ask for it in the plane, kids love it!)

In long trips things change. We have to break out the big guns!

  1. Portable DVD, or
  2. Tablet or a tablet with games

Some of you will disapprove my “big guns”. I was, too, one of those who thought would never put their children to watch movies or play stupid games if I could play with them.

I was wrong. I do it and I will continue doing it.

I can justify myself by saying that they love it and that they are nice and calm. They don’t play with the table and they don’t kick the seat in front of them (so, I spare some nasty faces of the passenger in front of us) and so, I only have to entertain the little one.

What do you carry? What’s inside your backpack?

My traveling essentials


Image from Freepik

It’s true that it’s not the same traveling with babies, kids or teenagers. In any case, my favorites are babies, they just drink, sleep and smile.

Things start to get more complicated when they start to walk and they wont’t stay still in the stroller.

My mother always asks me if I don’t feel disinclined to travel with 3 kids or how do I do it when we are inside the plane, the train or the car. I simply answer the same thing: “Mummy, the problem it’s not the plane or the train, it’s waiting!”

I don’t know if you’ll agree with me but kids hate waiting. They love going into the plane or the train but the airport or the train station…wow, that’s hell!!

How do your kids behave? Mine, they start running from one place to another, bumping into every suitcase and touching everything in the shops. They are kids. But people don’t understand that, some laugh and some just look at you sparing your life.
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